Baby Shower Sweets

What are the best Baby Shower Sweets?

Baby shower sweets are often a highlight to any baby shower party, along with the friends and gifts, as they can be eaten by everyone. However, there are dietary restrictions that many have these days and those need to be accounted for when serving sweets to all closest friends at a baby shower. So when considering this, here are some of the best baby shower sweets to serve.

Chocolate and other candies that don’t have egg or gluten in them. These will satisfy most people who are interested in eating sweets, as they will include things like licorice and jelly beans, checking the sweet tooth box without causing an allergic reaction. These can also be served in small quantities, allowing people to have a taste without throwing off their own personal diets in the middle of the day.

One can also splurge for egg free or dairy free desserts to be purchased or made for the baby shower, so that anyone can eat them without any fear or guilt. Of course, a more professional baker will probably have to be hired to do this successfully.