Wedding Desserts

What are the Ideal Wedding Desserts and Wedding Sweets?

The ideal wedding desserts and wedding sweets are obviously subjective, as it comes down to what the bride and the groom really like to eat and to serve to their guests on arguably the most memorable day and party of their lives. However, there are some aspects of wedding desserts and sweets that make them more qualified than others to serve a wide array of people, all who have different tastes and different dietary restrictions. Below is a helpful guide to make the bride and groom have to worry about one less thing in the whole wedding planning process.

First, keep in mind there will be people who will be picky with what they eat, either due to medical issues or their own personal tastes. In other words, be ready to serve at least two different types of desserts to ensure there is something available for everyone. That means have fruit and chocolate as well as cake or pastries—allowing those who don’t eat things like eggs or gluten to have the option to have something sweet at the end of their meals.

Also, having egg free and gluten free desserts is an excellent idea, if the wedding party wants to foot the extra cost for the caterers to make these desserts. Other ideas for ideal wedding desserts and wedding sweets are those that can be easily shared or passed around in small bites, so that people can all have something but not fill up on sugar after an already filling meal. Making desserts like hors d'oeuvres for the guests allows people to have a lot of little things to try based on how they are feeling for dessert. Giving guests the ability to choose and have a multitude of options is as good as having a great dessert list.