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DIY Chocolate Brigadeiro Kit Perfect for virtual team building events
No Cooking Necessary!

Our DIY Chocolate Brigadeiro Kit has proved popular during lockdown.

It's introduced many to its delicious taste providing the opportunity to learn the basics and become a brigadeiro maker yourself.

The kit contains:

  • DIY instructions;
  • 1 Emmy's brigadeiro box of 12,
  • 3 kinds of brigadeiro centers (these can be made with chocolate or nuts),
  • 4 toppings,
  • 3 mini wooden spoons,
  • petite cases.

Choose your 3 different flavours from the "Flavours" page.

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Brigadeiros, they are the ideal gift! Goes equally well with an afternoon coffee or a glass of wine or champagne

  • For key corporate customers

  • A great way to engage with potential clients

  • Ideal to promote a new marketing campaign

  • Can be given as a welcome gift to new members of the team

  • The perfect Birthday treat for an employee

  • A congratulatory gift for meeting targets

  • The perfect seasonal gift


We pride ourselves in using the best ingredients, including fine Belgian chocolate and high quality nuts. Each one is handmade to order, suitable for Vegetarians, are Egg-free and Gluten-free. Vegan brigadeiros available.

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